Interior Blind Spot Mirrors

  • M18020J
  • M18038J
  • M18056J
  • M18108J

Product information

These versatile acrylic mirrors are suitable for indoor use and can be adjusted to practically any angle and positioned to see around corners or partitions in hallways and corridors and for around machinery, eliminating blind spots and preventing accidents and injuries whilst helping to combat the theft of property and valuables.

Ideal for store, retail and office security, hospitals, schools and industrial areas.

  • Suitable for internal use only

  • Available in four sizes

  • Shatter resistant acrylic face with a protective vinyl edging

  • Vacuum metallised coating - gives the brightest sharpest reflection

  • 'J-arm' bracket mount included - allows adjustment to all angles

  • Easily fixed to wall or ceiling

Model Type  Model  Ref Price Each Ex & (Inc) VAT EDT Qty
300mm dia Up to 5m view distance EC026586
£63   (£75.60)
450mm dia Up to 7m view distance EC026587
£78   (£93.60)
600mm dia Up to 10m view distance EC026588
£110   (£132)
900mm dia Up to 18m view distance EC026589
£220   (£264)