Plunger Cans for Flammable Liquids

Flammable Liquid Dispenser
Plunger Cans

Product information

Plunger Cans for flammable liquids help you quickly and easily moisten cleaning cloths and wipes to clean parts and equipment.

  • Made of chemically resistant Ryton® and brass, the pump system is designed to leave less liquid in the bottom before refilling.
  • Used to safely moisten wipes, cleaning wipes etc. with solvent
  • Any surplus solvent drains back into the can
  • The perforated upper pan screen serves as a flame arrester.
  • All plunger cans have earned approval of Factory Mutual and come with an exclusive 10-year warranty


Cubic Capacity  Dia x Height (mm)  Ref Price Each Ex & (Inc) VAT EDT Qty
1 Litre Capacity 185 x 143 EC026729
£67.50   (£81)
2 Litre Capacity 185 x 187 EC026728
£66   (£79.20)
4 Litre Capacity 185 x 267 EC026730
£74.50   (£89.40)